Fat Bike Mountain challenge

Fat Bike Mountain challenge

Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Challenging

Nature adventure on a Fat Bike in the hills above Lake Mývatn. 

We start from our office by Lake Mývatn and drive with the Fat Bikes on a trailer for 15 minutes to our start point. We then cycle through the green hills and volcanic rocks, exploring the Volcanic landscape near Krafla Volcano where it last erupted in 1984. We enjoy amazing views and stop a few times to enjoy the view take pictures and catch our breath 
The tour is a challenge and some hills are steep so we have to walk the bikes up or down some of them. We ride on a narrow trail through Lava, sand, gravel, and dirt from the Krafla area up and down Dalfjall Mountain and end in Reykjahlíð village by Lake Mývatn
It is recommended that you bring a water bottle and snack with you this tour takes us truly to the backcountry.
This tour is for people who want a challenge. On the trail, there are places we have to get off the bikes to lift them over a fence or past an obstacle.
Duration: 2-3 hours

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