Lake Myvatn Fat-Bike & IceCave

Lake Myvatn Fat-Bike & IceCave

Duration: 6 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

This tour offers a combination of sightseeing by Fat-Bike and Exploring Lofthellir Ice cave.

We start this Fat-Bike tour from our office by Lake Myvatn and bike towards the famous Crater Hverfjall, from there we head to the Lúdent crater row where a huge eruption happened approximately 2500 years ago. We will follow the Lúdent crater line and explore one of the craters before heading to Snæfell mountain and then through a Lavafield until we reach Lofthellir Icecave. We will change into our Caving gear by the Lofthellir cave, we will spend approximately one hour inside the cave. After exploring the cave we will head back to the Lake Myvatn Biking through Lava Landscapes and the Geothermal area of Hverir. We end the tour at our office by Lake Myvatn. 

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